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Taxation Services

Taxation Services

The Taxation Experts referred by Helpline Law are capable of handling taxation matters with varying degree of complexity, for both direct and indirect taxation. The Taxation services are meant to provide holistic ‘Tax Solutions’ for doing business within India and with India, through advisory, litigation and compliance services support.

These Tax experts include teams formed by Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Tax Specialists, who have the expertise and the experience of advisory services in taxation for businesses spanning across different Industry Sectors for oversees, domestic and multinational operations.

In the area of Direct Taxation, their services include:

  • Corporate Taxation Consultancy for structured tax solutions tailored to meet business objectives.
  • Corporate Tax Litigation
    • Representation before various judicial & quasi-judicial forums like Income Tax Appellant Tribunal, High Courts and Supreme Court
    • Expertise in Search, Seizure and Prosecution litigation
  • Cross Border Transaction Advisory for Double Tax Avoidance Agreements(DTAA)
  • Tax Due-Diligence
  • Corporate Taxation Compliance
  • Transaction advisory including planning for achieving Mergers, Acquisitions, De-mergers, and Corporate re-organizations
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Personal Taxation Service (Resident or Non Resident)
    • Tax Advisories
    • Tax Compliance

Indirect Taxation
Custom, Excise duties, Value Added Tax (VAT)/Sales tax, Service tax and Foreign Trade Policy-related matters

  • Representing before various judicial & quasi-judicial forums like appellate bodies, DGFT, Tribunals, High Courts and Supreme Court
  • Consultancy services encompass guidance, clarification, solutions & opinions
  • Day-to-day reporting, compliances and accounting for indirect taxes

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