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Advocate B Pramanik Best Property Lawyers in Kolkata

B. Pramanik & Associates, one of the most renowned law firms providing legal assistance regarding various peripheries of civil lawsuits in Kolkata for over the years. Advocate B Pramanik is an esteemed attorney of Calcutta High Court & one of the best civil lawyer in Kolkata with expertise of over forty years in the civil law suits. Our advocates provide legal assistance related to Civil, Divorce and Property matters. A good civil lawyer has the understandings of the intricacies of the lawsuits and usually organise the case proceedings according to that. Our lawyers provide assistances on the civil issues once after understanding it by having a sitting with the clients. Our lawyers try to understand the contract provision mentioned under the civil law arrangements and proceeds according to that.

Our advocates help clients in order to settle matrimonial issues. One must know that under the Indian legal proceedings, one must register their marriage. Out matrimonial lawyer service in Kolkata helps, the clients to register their marriage legally under the court, which helps them to avoid different legal consequences such as, divorce, alimony polygamy etc.

The solicitors of B Pramanik & Associates have also in depth expertise in the divorce related lawsuits. Clients mostly complain regarding slower pace of the court hearings in case of divorce lawsuits. A good divorce lawyer must have an expertise to present the case in front of the court, which will accelerate the divorce process. Our lawyers do exactly needful to speed up the process. Our solicitors offer the clients a fast assistance associated with divorce matters and child adoption cases.

Property dealings are associated with a numbers of issues starting from searching to deal finalisation. Our senior attorneys provide appropriate assistance for property registration enlistment matters. Our property lawyer in Kolkata helps clients to get the status authentication certificate for their property. Our legal firm helps clients to get title search report for real estate dealings.

We also provide legal assistance for matrimonial, human rights, consumer court, debts recovery and service matters. The sole aim of the firm has to make the anxious clients feel relaxed by being attentive to their cases in one to one basis and supply proper legal assistance in a cost-effective manner.

Property Registration Fees in West Bengal
For the properties that cost more Rs. 25 lakh, 1.1% of the total cost of the property must be paid as registration charge. For properties that cost below Rs. 25 lakh, the Property Registration Charge stands at 1% of the cost of the property.
Advocate B Pramanik started his career as a lawyer and Professor in India. He started his own law firm in Kolkata with his Associates which is popularly known as B. Pramanik & Associates and He is the Founder of Kolkata Law Firm & Banshi International Law Fir

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