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The Banshi legal Firm was imagined to fulfill the developing need from Indian and International customers for a devoted, responsive and vital methodology in making sure about and implementing IP rights in India. In this quickly improving and changing air in the IP field, the Firm is outfitted to exhort its customers on the best way to create, enlist and secure their IP portfolio. The Firm encourages and synergizes the formation of Intellectual Property security law, the arraignment, authorization and eventually the fortifying of the equivalent in India and around the world, with the association's High court in Calcutta.

The Banshi Legal Firm has mastery in indictment and restriction of all types of IP matters, prompting customers on IP assurance procedures, prosecution matters and IP portfolio the executives. Notwithstanding a complete trademark search database, the Firm additionally has a best in class exclusive far reaching patent and configuration search database of all applications recorded and conceded from the Beginning period to till date, explicitly intended for the Firm and is one of its sort in India. Urgently, the database empowers the Firm to give its customers clearances and encroachment examination inside a fundamentally decreased time span.

Drafting, Filing, Prosecution and restriction of utilizations of Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Geographical Indications, Domain Names, Business Processes, including the documenting of PCT applications for Patents Search and insight administrations including due ingenuity, examination, advertise overviews, dealings for concurrence understandings and purchase outs Drafting of different Agreements relating to Assignment and Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights and offering warning types of assistance on various value-based work including IP Rights Execute all customs regarding enrolment and suit matters of Trade Marks and Service Marks, alongside drafting innovation move and authorizing compliances, gauge of protected innovation of our customers Portrayal previously and liaoning with different specialists, for example, Trade Mark Registry, Copyright Office, Geographical Indications Registry, National Informatics Center and Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) Senior Attorneys with numerous long periods of government and industry experience comprehend the complexities of prosecution including issues around Intellectual Property Rights. We have been dealing with different debates identified with IPR encroachments which incorporate speaking to our customers under the watchful eye of different courts, specialists and gatherings in complex suits issues, offers and restriction procedures. Our profound comprehension of Patent Laws, combined with information on science and innovation empowers Maheshwari and Co. to convey positive outcomes to the requirements and fulfillment of customers.

Expert property lawyers Kolkata helps In Property registration There are few experiences more stressful than buying or selling property; they are of course the negotiations, the financing, and the verification of documents. As a lawyer handling real estate issues, we have keen insight into the often complex selling/buying process, landlord/tenant matters and property matters. Over the past decade, we have handles many issues related to property.

Our Legal team is well experience and good in research work as well as into litigation. We give individual attention to all the client we have. We provide proper idea to the client about the valuation of the property. Our team is well versed in scrutinizing the all documents related with property are essential procedure for avoiding all further complications, threat and risk involved with the property. We closely monitor all the cases that we handle. We always protect the interest of our client. We can assure you that you are in safer hands.

We handle legal matters such as:

  • Property/flat verification
  • Preparation of sale/rent/mortgage/lease deeds
  • Negotiation during sale of property
  • Title of Property issues
  • Easement related issues
  • Registration of property

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    The most important protection afforded to the individual by law is the protection of his property. That property provides individuals a protected domain against the state. ... The rich and powerful contrive to protect their property even when a weak rule of law fails to protect property rights for the general population.
    Property rights define the theoretical and legal ownership of resources and how they can be used. ... In many countries, including the United States, individuals generally exercise private property rights or the rights of private persons to accumulate, hold, delegate, rent, or sell their property.
    The Transfer of Property Act 1882 is an Indian legislation which regulates the transfer of property in India. ... According to the Act, 'transfer of property' means an act by which a person conveys the property to one or more persons, or himself and one or more other persons.
    Stipends related to Military, Naval, Air Forces, Civil Prisoners, government pensions, etc are personal rights and cannot be transferred. General rule of Transfer of Property is that property of any kind can be transferred from one person to another.
    The General rule related to Transfer of Property is that property of any kind may be transferred and this property can be movable or immovable. Property of any kind can be transferred from one party to another. Lets further look into the exceptions for transferring the property.

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