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NRI Services

NRI Services

 Are you an NRI seeking professional services related to investment in India, Visa, marriage & divorce services in India. Helpline Law can refer you the most suitable and experienced professionals for NRI services.

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Typically, an NRI Services professional can help you with the following:

  • Indian Citizenship & Visa
  • Custody for property & assets
  • Ancestral real estate & inheritance advisory
  • Sale purchase of real estate & other assets
  • Family settlements & partition suits
  • Overseas Citizenship of India ( OCI) & Person of Indian Origin(PIO)
  • Indian Visa Extensions
  • Apostilization & attestation of documents
  • Passport related services
  • Inter- Country Adoption
  • Solemnization of Marriages between Indian and Foreigner/NRI in India
  • Solemnization of Marriages between two Foreigners in India
  • Divorce proceedings for parties now settled abroad or for one party abroad and the other in India.

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