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Income Tax for NRI

Non-Residents Indians (NRIs) need to go to issues identifying with Tax, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and other monetary undertakings in India. Such undertakings are intricate, at times vague and system situated. It is very troublesome and awkward to take care of complex laws, guidelines and techniques. NRIs are likewise befuddled concerning whom and how to impart to the individual in Authority. It will be an extraordinary help if the administrations are accessible at a tick on the World Wide Web to go to such matters from any place NRIs are situated on the planet.

NRIs come to India for delight, to meet family members and companions and one finds that they invest a great deal of energy at a Bank Clerk’s work area, at Offices of Income Tax Department, Reserve Bank of India or other Government workplaces.

We at B. Pramanik & Associates help NRIs to go to all issues and issues without the requirement for them to be available in India. There is no compelling reason to sit around idly at Government workplaces, and extensive interchanges; or scratch one’s head with clashing counsel and ideas from various people.

NRIs who will pay reasonable charges will ready to get such matters gone to most proficiently, access the most precise data, and stay allowed to make the most of their visit in India.

This is the thing that we try at B. Pramanik & Associates

Who we are?

B. Pramanik & Associates is occupied with the field of Taxation and RBI/associated related consultancy administrations. We have been offering such types of assistance for numerous years and our client base incorporates Banks, high total assets people, Corporates just as Non-inhabitant Indians.

We have huge expert involvement with taking care of NRI matters. Indeed, the formation of these offices is an aftereffect of our communication with NRIs while offering types of assistance to them. NRIs from everywhere the world have profited from our administrations.

Our own is an expertly overseen organization and all NRI customers are taken care of by experienced experts.”

Why NRI Tax Services?

NRIs need information and guidance in relation to legalities and procedures as to assets held in India and taxation of income and profit/gains on sale of assets. This is specifically related to following:

1. Regulations as to operation of Bank Accounts, Repatriation of Income/Funds and special RBI schemes for Returning NRIs.

2. Regulation as to investments in shares, debentures, mutual funds, government securities and bank deposits and its taxation.

3. Procedure for purchase/sale of immovable property in India and/or renting the same.

4. Tax planning and compliance.

5. Replies to any queries on Indian Taxation, DTAA/Tax Treaty benefits, FEMA and RBI procedures and approvals.

6. Obtaining permission for repatriation of assets / income and assistance in compliance with mandated procedures.

7. Returning Indians.

8. Recent Immigrants.

9. Setting up new business/charitable institutions.

Further, NRIs also look forward to services to complete all and sundry formalities of RBI, Income Tax Department, Banking Accounts, etc. in the most convenient and cost-effective manner. We at B. Pramanik & Associates provide these twin services of information and compliance.

We have devised a system that is extremely efficient and economical and most importantly does not require personal interactions. All communications are typical via email or phone calls (if necessary). This helps to obtain NRI’s personal objectives to attend to their Tax and FEMA matters hassle-free and also allows them to enjoy their visits to India!