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The services of the firm include banking documentation, conducting recovery proceedings, prosecuting and defending action initiated by the banks and financial institutions and advising on specific investment activities of its client. The firm regularly conducts litigation before the Debt Recovery Tribunal and Appellate Forums thereof. As a retained Solicitor of leading Financial Institutions, we also vet agreements, demand notices, replies to customer grievances and legal correspondence.

Vast Expanse of Banking, finance and Insurance Legal Services

Today, the field of banking, finance and insurance has undergone a drastic transformation whereby there are a lot of cross border transactions which take place on a daily basis. Moreover, there are also lot of international companies whether banking or financial or insurance providers which are setting up offices in India and vice versa.  It is owing to all these factors that the field of financial, banking and insurance legal services becomes crucial.

Sub-branches of Banking, finance and Insurance Legal Services

Let us understand clearly what exactly gets covered within the purview of Banking, finance and insurance legal services. For the sake of convenience, let us take into account one field at a time.

Banking Laws

Financial Laws

Insurance Laws

So, from all this we can see and infer that the field of Banking, finance and insurance legal services is a challenging one and given the present atmosphere of liberalization and globalization, this field has become even more lucrative!  

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Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

Our service offerings for the BFSI industry

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) is set to grow exponentially in India due to the rising per capita income, introduction of new products, innovation in technology, expanding distribution, networking and increasing customer awareness of financial products. BFSI Industry has seen bold reforms in the last 15 years and will continue to be a top priority focus industry for India’s economic development based on inclusive growth.

Opportunities and Challenges:

How we can help:

Concurrent audits:

Concurrent audit is examinations which is contemporaneous with the occurrence of transactions or is carried out as near thereto as possible. It attempts to shorten the interval between a transaction and its examination by an independent person not involved in its documentation. Concurrent audit is essentially a management process integral to the establishment of sound internal accounting functions and effective controls and setting the tone for a vigilance internal audit to preclude the incidence of serious errors and fraudulent manipulations.

Concurrent audits conducted by us include:

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